maternal part of placenta

ma·ter·nal part of pla·cen·ta

(mă-tĕr'năl pahrt plă-sen'tă)
The part of the placenta derived from the basal layer or decidua basalis of the endometrium.
Synonym(s): pars uterina placentae [TA] .
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One might argue that the superiority of antibacterial effects of the chorionic membrane compared with the amniotic membrane can represent more effective and key role in maternal part of placenta in protecting the fetus against possible infections.
The maternal part of placenta that forms the main deciduous disk is inclined to endometer and is less exposed to damage compared to the embryonic part.
Histologically, the maternal part of placenta consists of decidua and metrial glands and the fetal part consists of basal zone and the labyrinthine zone.

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