maternal cotyledon

ma·ter·nal cot·y·le·don

a unit of the placenta made up of trophoblastic cells, fibrous tissue, and abundant blood vessels; it is visible grossly on the maternal surface as an irregularly shaped lobe circumscribed by a deep cleft and made up of a stem villus with numerous free branch and anchoring villi; placental vessels in the chorionic plate supply the stem villus and its branches, allowing gas and metabolite exchange across the trophoblastic layer with maternal blood in the intervillous space.
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Maternal cotyledons are 15 to 30 and each cotyledon receives 2 to 3 stem villi.
[18] According to Bhatnagar et al in 1983, the number of maternal cotyledons was 15-20.
Groups Discoidal Circular Oval Bilobed I 77 23 0 0 II 63.5 32 3.23 1.27 Table III- Number of maternal cotyledons in various groups- Groups Average No.
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