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A trial comparing management of atherothrombosis with clopidogrel (Plavix™) with or without aspirin in high-risk patients with recent transient ischaemic attack or stroke.

Adding aspirin to clopidogrel increased bleeding without reducing recurrent ischaemic vascular events in high-risk patients.
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The fitting together of one or more things. See HLA match, Language mismatch, Logic mismatch, Mismatch. Cf Crossmatch.
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How similar the HLA typing, out of a possible six antigens, is between the donor and the recipient.
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Q. Hi members, after I notice that our symptoms match those of fibromyalgia. Hi members, after I notice that our symptoms match those of fibromyalgia, do we have to live with it and simply manage it for the rest of our life or try some luck with food and meds? Thanks.

A. If you could have given a particular age details then it could have been easy to analyze. This condition is relatively new, yet it's appearing in epidemic numbers. Dr. Whiting (an orthomolecular nutritionist), finds in his work with people suffering with this that they are all very toxic. When their systems have been properly detoxified their symptoms will disappear. His personal feeling is that this is a condition of hyper-toxicity and manifests itself in people who are unable to physically cope with the overload of toxins in their system.

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Above and left, Peter Bestford in the flat he decorated using matchsticks and paint to create murals
IT'S made of thousands of matchsticks, has replica stained-glass windows, and even took pride of place at Prince William's first public royal duty in 1991 - but for many years this stunning model of Cardiff's Llandaff Cathedral was hidden away in an office.
The groups which attempted to draw triangles to scale did make errors in measuring; in particular, the group which used one square grid equalling one matchstick assumed that the diagonal of the square was equal to the length of the square.
Stompe and Son has a ring to it, The Matchstick Men is another decent name, and if they stick to darts products The Jolly Oche Sticks has to be a huge runner.
But officers have now been told to check models after three matchstick jewellery boxes designed to conceal mobiles were discovered at The Verne prison, Portland, Dorset.
If you would like him to create the matchstick mini-mansion of your dream home, you can contact him on 36700723.
Guards also found a cache of imitation weapons made out of matchsticks, including a Samurai sword, at Category C Usk prison in Monmouthshire, Wales.
ART enthusiasts have the chance to get their hands on a collection of paintings by world-renowned 'matchstick men' artist LS Lowry which are on sale at a prestigious antiques fair in Northumberland this weekend.
AFTER devouring an eightomelette breakfast and smearing her body with lanolin and chilli paste, the great swimmer might have considered for a moment her second cousin, LS Lowry, then establishing his reputation as the painter of matchstick people.
The former engineer, dubbed "The Matchstick Man" by pals, started out by building a 12in motorboat in 1986.
Both Jeff Sonhouse's startling portrait Inauguration of the Solicitor, 2005, with its deft interweaving of painted and collaged elements (including a wild matchstick Afro), and the rhinestone-encrusted surfaces of Mickalene Thomas's 2005 female-wrestling paintings, Rumble and Instant Gratification, display an almost erotic mode of material surplus.