matched study

matched study, matched control

a comparison between groups in which each subject animal is matched by a comparable animal in terms of age and all other measurable parameters. Called also matched or paired control.
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The propensity score (PS) matched study compared patients treated with belimumab plus SoC from the BLISS-76 US long-term extension study versus patients treated with SoC alone in the Toronto Lupus Cohort (TLC), a population of SLE patients with similar clinical characteristics to those in the BLISS pivotal studies for belimumab.
As it was a matched study the relative percentages of males and females in both the groups was almost the same that is 48% and 50% males in cases and controls group versus 52% and 50% females for the respective groups (table 2).
Evidence for a synchronous operative approach in the treatment of colorectal cancer with hepatic metastases: A case matched study.
One cannot assess the classification performance of the biomarker in the general population using only data from a matched study.
The Czech Republic study, which uses the same matched study design as our analysis, for postneonatal infant mortality gives an adjusted odds ratio of 1.
My finance manager at the Health Trust proved to be a pillar of support offering matched study leave with annual leave and a fully-funded study leave package.
Helicobacter pylori infection, glandular atrophy, intestinal metaplasia and topography of chronic active gastritis in the Nepalese and Japanese population: the age, gender and endoscopic diagnosis matched study.