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(mah-tā'), The acute accent is used in the English spelling of the word but is not correct in Spanish.
The dried leaves of Ilex paraguayensis and other species of Ilex (family Aquifoliaceae), shrubs growing in Paraguay and Brazil, which contain caffeine and tannin; used in South American countries as a beverage and medicinally as a diuretic and diaphoretic, and to relieve headache.
Synonym(s): Paraguay tea
[Sp. maté, a vessel in which the leaves are prepared]
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1. A spouse or romantic partner.
a. Either of a pair of birds or other animals that associate in order to propagate.
b. Either of a pair of animals brought together for breeding.
c. Either of a pair of plants, fungi, or other organisms that engage in sexual reproduction or conjugation with each other.
v. mated, mating, mates
1. To cause to be united in marriage or a romantic sexual relationship.
2. To cause (organisms) to breed or bring (organisms) into close proximity for breeding.
1. To become joined in marriage or a romantic sexual relationship.
a. To be paired for reproducing; breed.
b. To engage in sexual reproduction or conjugation.
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An evergreen shrub native to South America, which is rich in caffeine, neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acids, and theobromine catechols; maté is a stimulant and tonic; the leaves are used to to make a very hot tea habitually ingested in South America
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(mă-tā′) [Sp., vessel for preparing leaves]
Tea made from the leaves of Ilex paraguayensis. It contains caffeine and tannin.


Diaphoretic and diuretic when taken in large quantities.

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