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Public masturbators "need to masturbate in public in order to reach orgasm," she explains.
In addition, as a counterbalance to the stereotypically male masturbator, Mason explores the autoeroticism of women in at least two chapters.
How many masturbators reading this would like to plead guilty to those charges?
Howe thinks of them as closely related to epileptic seizures and concludes that epilepsy is therefore "one of the goals towards which all masturbators and libertines are hastening.
The experimental linguistic, epistemological, representational, political adventures attaching to the very many of us who may at times be moved to describe ourselves as (among many other possibilities) pushy femmes, radical faeries, fantasists, drags, clones, leatherfolk, ladies in tuxedoes, feminist women or feminist men, masturbators, bulldaggers, divas, Snap
Even more sceptical than Comfort was Thomas Szasz, who compared the cruel treatment of masturbators in the nineteenth century with the persecution of witches at an earlier period and related the obsession with masturbation as a illness-generating vice to the decline in the belief that diseases were the result of divine punishment for sin or the operations of witchcraft; in an age trying to be scientific, but when the cause of diseases was not understood, blaming them on personal habits was both morally satisfying and consistent with the "nerve force" theories then being developed by Albrecht von Haller (1708-77) and William Cullen (1710-90) as alternatives to traditional explanations based on humoral balance which stretched back to Hippocrates and Galen.
These categories were recoded so that infrequent masturbators (less than once a day) were coded as zero and frequent masturbators (more than once a day) received a score of one.
Attempts by `ignorant' mothers to keep their sons clean, polite, kind to animals and, worst of all, to dress them in charming other-worldly clothes, were now criticised as inimical to `normal' masculinity and likely to produce a race of masturbators, degenerates and weaklings.
Especially the masturbators will have time and opportunities to do harm to themselves and others.
In this obsessive, static book, that blank circle sells tickets in a porn theater and lives in a derelict hotel, sharing a bathroom with chronic masturbators and listening to Debbie the dying cat through the thin walls of her virtually unfurnished room.
And adjudicate we must, for this is not a mere case of divergent evaluations about which we can agree to differ: the majority is making a claim on our masturbators, readers of dirty books and unmarried lovers that they stop; it claims a moral right to make them stop, and may well even claim a right to punish them unless they stop.