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To practice masturbation.
[L. masturbari, pp. masturbatus]
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To practice masturbation.
[L. masturbari, pp. masturbatus]
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(măs′tĕr-bāt) [L. masturbari, fr. manus, hand, + stuprare, to defile]
To practice masturbation.
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Patient discussion about masturbate

Q. what is the impact of masturbation? because I diden't find my girl?

A. the only physical impact i know is an addiction that can occur when doing it way too much. doing it releases chemicals in our brain in the pleasure areas. you can easily get addicted to it.

Q. Masturbation - How serious is it? One of my friend who is 32 years old caught into the habit of masturbation for the past 3 years. He is seeking for help to overcome it. Now i want to know to help him and also like to know for myself about the GOOD and BAD results of masturbation.

A. Masturbation is something that a large percentage of the worlds population does at one point or another. It is normal, a normal part of life as you begin to explore your body.

As long as you do it safely and within the confines of your own home you will be fine. Just make sure to not let it rule your life. For example, dont stay home from work just because you want to masturbate. Make sure you keep your priorities in order.

Q. Im a 29 yr old male that has pain after masturbation seems like the longer i go without the better I feel? Should I not masturbate at all? I have had 2 urethral scricture surguries and my doctor he seen no reason for the pain. I feel less of a man because I want to have a healthy sexual relationship with my partner. Should I quit for a long period of time like 6 months and see if the condition will go away? Do you think I may have imflamation or cause damage to urethra from masturbation? Thanks for your time

A. Hi! My guess would be that the pain you are feeling is being caused by scar tissue that has built up from the surgeries that you've had and when you ejaculate that tissue is being forced to stretch in order to allow the ejaculate to pass through the urethra.My ex Husband had something similar after his vascectomy.

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That doesn't mean to say if you don't masturbate you're abnormal - you're not inadequate or deficient.
There is some evidence that people who masturbate without guilt can be freer in expressing their sexuality, more aware of the nature of their own individual sexual response, and enjoy sex more than those who are guilt-ridden.
USEFUL: In pregnancy; LEARN TO RELAX: Research shows if you can masturbate without guilt you can enjoy sex more
"If a young woman asked you how females masturbate, what would you say?"
* She does not know what to say because she is not certain about the ways that males might masturbate.
* She believes that all boys know how to masturbate from an early age so she feels that this question can only be asked to embarrass or test her.
The reader won't, however, get answers to questions such as How often do guys masturbate?, Are there different ways guys masturbate?