mastoid cells

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mas·toid cells

numerous small intercommunicating cavities in the mastoid process of the temporal bone that empty into the mastoid or tympanic antrum.
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When postoperative PTA-ABG [less than or equal to]10 dB was used to define successful hearing outcome (excellent results), both S0 pathological status of the stapes and development of mastoid cells (MC2-3, better development) were significantly favorable predictive factors.
Mild enlargement of the left mastoid cells and discrete elevation of the left petrous ridge were also present (Figures 2A and 2B).
In the ENT Department of Targu Mures Hospital, a new cranio-cerebral CT examination revealed mucosal thickening of the left and right maxillary sinus, almost completely obstructed of ethmoid and left mastoid cells by thickening mucosa and inflammatory exudate, inflammation in the middle ear without affecting the left ossicular chain (Figure 1 and Figure 2).
The radiological features are unilateral loss of cerebral volume and associated compensatory bone alterations in the calvaria, like thickening, hyperpneumatization of the paranasal sinuses and mastoid cells and elevation of the petrous ridge [1].