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Arthur M., U.S. physician, 1895-1973. See: Master test, Master two-step exercise test.
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In robotic surgery, a device driven by the hand movements of the surgeon or interventionist. The movements of the master are mimicked, reduced, or refined by the surgical instrument (the "slave") in the operative field.
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Sensor nodes may be compromised or move to another neighboring cluster; consequently, the master key and the corresponding cluster keys must be updated.
And use the system to represent the phase recovering the master key of Piccolo-80 and Piccolo-128.
Example of master key input e j h a f k m b g l r c h m f d
The court heard Jackson was in overall, supervisory control of the complex and had a master key to gain access to any room in case of emergency.
Key Automation: The system should be able to generate or accept a set of master keys according to recognized security standards and proven public algorithms.
Gravitation: master key to the universe breaks new ground in understanding gravitation.
The stolen key was one of about 30 to 35 college master keys.
The purchase price of $345 includes 12 numbered keys and a master key. The box weighs about 40 pounds and can be sent via UPS.
The cash and beer coupons were stolen after a master key to most of the rooms in the building went missing April 6, but Watanabe has said that he does not know anything about the key.
To be sure, Thomas Hess's attempt to find in the Kabbalah the master key to Newman's paintings was overdone.
And AA repair man Terry Kirton, 47, took just ten minutes to get in with his master key.
Master key missing: Without the master key or key codes, spare keys cannot be cut and the cost of replacing and reprogramming a car's security system can run into hundreds of pounds.

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