dominant eye

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dom·i·nant eye

the eye that is customarily used for monocular tasks.
Synonym(s): master eye
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dom·i·nant eye

(dom'i-nănt ī)
The eye that is customarily used for monocular tasks.
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The acquisition of traits, characteristics and disorders from parents to their children by transmission of genetic information. Genes come in pairs: one originating from the father, the other from the mother. If an individual presents only the hereditary characteristics determined by one gene of the pair on an autosomal chromosome, that gene is called dominant. Conditions caused by such genes are said to show autosomal dominant inheritance. For instance, for a rare autosomal dominant disease, if one parent is affected, then on average about 50% of their children will also be affected, irrespective of the children's sex. Examples: Marfan's syndrome, congenital stationary night blindness, neurofibromatosis 1 and 2, von Hippel-Lindau disease. If the individual does not present the hereditary characteristics unless both genes in a pair are of the same type, then the gene is called recessive. Conditions caused by such genes are said to show autosomal recessive inheritance. For a rare autosomal recessive disease, if a child is affected, then on average about 25% of their siblings will also be affected, irrespective of their sex. Examples: Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome, Tay-Sachs disease, oculocutaneous albinism, galactokinase deficiency.Thirdly, inheritance may be controlled by genes on one of the sex chromosomes, most often the X chromosome. A recessive mutation on the single X chromosome carried by a male will cause a disease, whereas in the female, a recessive X chromosome mutation would have to be carried on both of her X chromosomes. Therefore in X-linked recessive inheritance (sex-linked recessive inheritance) males are affected more often than females. Examples: colour blindness, ocular albinism, choroideremia. A fourth type of inheritance considered in ophthalmic practice is mitochondrial (maternal) inheritance in which the inheritance of a trait encoded in the mitochondrial DNA is transmitted through the female line (mother to son or mother to daughter). Examples: Leber's hereditary optic atrophy; Kearns-Sayre syndrome. See acquired; chromosome; defective colour vision; gene; hereditary.
Table I5 Divisions of the infrared spectrum
IR-A (near)780-1400 nm
IR-B (middle)1400-3000 nm
IR-C (far)3000-1 000 000 nm
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Researchers previously thought that only certain cells in the head could make eyes, because inserting proteins such as the master eye regulator Pax6 into cells could cause eye growth only in the head.
With both eyes open you track the moving target with your master eye aligned with the scope; concentrating on the target.
Dave said, "We found about 10 percent of the recruits were cross eye dominant (right-handed with a left master eye or vice versa).
Before the coach gives any instruction, the shooter's 'master eye' is checked.
"But I can assure you it's a simple job and these stronger ones have made a massive difference to me and particularly to my left eye which is the master eye because before I was potting balls to one side of the table and missing them to the other."
The best remedy is a pair of prescription shooting glasses made with the master eye focused for the sights and the other eye focused for distance, thus allowing for a sharp sight picture and a passable view of the target.
Master Eye (Frank Cundell/Bob Davies) is odds-on when finishing last of four and retires to the Oxfordshire home of his owner Miles Gosling with 16 wins to his name.
From here he checks to see if the master eye is right over the rib and that the length of pull is correct.
As the gun is shouldered the master eye (in my case, the right), sees the light dot while the left superimposes it upon the unmagnified scene as seen with the left.
This is actually not a big deal, as many people are right handed and have a left master eye or vice versa.
Among Enos' revelations: he's cross-dominant, but he mastered the task of shooting with his master eye "catty corner" from his strong hand.

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