master cast

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mas·ter cast

a replica of the prepared tooth surfaces, residual ridge areas, and/or other parts of the dental arch as reproduced from an impression.
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mas·ter cast

(mastĕr kast)
Replica of prepared tooth surfaces, residual ridge areas, and/or other parts of dental arch as reproduced from an impression.
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Caption: Figure 2: Maxilla (a) and mandible (b) master casts were prepared using dental stone
The master casts were then mounted according to the MMR on a semiadjustable articulator (Dentatus Articulator ARH, Sweden) and the teeth setup was done (Figure 6).
A template was fabricated for maxillary and mandibular completely edentulous ridges on the prepared master cast with clear autopolymerizing polymethylmethacrylate resin [Figure 4].
Boxing also permits enhanced control of the appearance and aspect of the master cast.
To ensure the correct positioning of the master cast and the tray, a device aimed at standardizing the position during the impressions was utilized.
Most of schools were teaching the students to carve the PPS and the depth of 1.0-1.5 mm in the maxillary master cast. Compress-ibility of the palatal tissues was a consideration during PPS carving.
Master cast was blocked out and duplicated to obtain a refractory cast.
Pair of templates were fabricated on the master cast and the patient was subjected to CBCT with the template in situ in order to select the desired length and diameter of the implants.
Master cast fabrication: The impression is delivered to the dental laboratory and a master cast is made.
Before doing the final glaze of the crowns the restorations were placed on the maxillary and mandibular master cast and surveyed for the fabrication of cast removable partial dentures [Fig 10].

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