massive collapse

mas·sive col·lapse

relatively complete atelectasis of an entire lung or of a lobe, may be acute or chronic.
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The report pointed to the massive collapse of the terrorists, specially Jeish al-Izzeh affiliated to Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay'at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front), and said that the terrorist groups blame Tahrir al-Sham ringleader Abu Mohammad al-Jolani for the recent defeats.
The next explosive period, researchers believe, will be preceded by a massive collapse of Kilauea's caldera floor.
Electricity supply company Edesur Argentina stated at the time that a massive collapse in " the interconnected system left all of Argentina and Uruguay without electricity.
One hopes that the Sindh government will take cognizance of Karachi's rapidly decaying civic infrastructure and act urgently to prevent the city from an imminent and 'massive collapse'.
The Dunterlie men now require a massive collapse from Rossvale to have any chance of an immediate return to the Premiership following one season away.
Multiple sources revealed that head coach Ramil de Jesus wants Fajardo to play following a five-set loss to the Tornadoes that pushed them on the brink of a massive collapse in this import-flavored conference.
Study after study has revealed a massive collapse in insect numbers.
The clubhouse and pitches of Magheracloone Mitchells had to be closed after the massive collapse caused by the disused flooded mine.
According to a sentencing statement submitted by Tyler's attorney, Matthew Parrinello, 5LINX "suffered a massive collapse, not because the founders received compensation as independent representatives, but because of the death of telephone land lines and the polar vortex."
There are fewer facilities for common people who cannot afford to have a car or motorcycle as there is a massive collapse in our local transportation system.
"While There Were Still Wild Birds" is a study that covers a span of time from the mid 1930s (when Southern quail hunting was still a popular and important field sport) through and after the mid 1980s when the massive collapse of the quail population ended wild bird hunting.
In a speech on Friday, Nasrallah said that recent developments in the south of Syria during the past few days and indicators show a massive collapse in the ranks of terrorists and a public tendency to return to the state, which doesn't apply just to the western part of Daraa, but to the whole south, whether in Daraa or Quneitra.

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