Mass Murder

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The systematic killing of a population, either entirely or the majority thereof. A mass murder may be perpetrated with the tacit or active support of a community or a group in the society in which it occurred, and usually is a single event. History’s largest mass murders have been attempts to exterminate an ethnic and other group—i.e., genocide
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" READ:As Ampatuan case nears end, massacre victims' kin forge on with tempered hope They said that to have a case on the massacreglobally condemned for its violenceis "already quite momentous." "The impending decision will undoubtedly go down in Philippine history as one of the most significant legal decisions to ever come from our trial courts regardless of the outcome," they added.
'We are aware that, although no names were mentioned, the supposed demand for accountability was primarily targeted at the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, which, we once again stress, was one of the first organizations to rush to our side right after the massacre and has never left us since then,' Justice Now said in a statement issued last April 23.
Constitution of new JIT for model town massacre was according to the law.
The April 13, 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre, in which British troops opened fire on thousands of unarmed protesters, remains an enduring tragedy from the British colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent.
The massacre at Jallianwala Bagh saw more than 500 unarmed men, women and children killed by British army riflemen on the orders of British colonel while in Bengal famine over 2 million people had died due to starvation.
Before the massacre, the banana workers had been organising around several demands such as reparations for injuries at work, mutual insurance, more hygienic sleeping quarters and religious holidays.
Israeli occupation soldiers remained in the squares and prevented the evacuation of the bodies of the martyrs and the wounded, only six hours after the massacre began.
Hamas affirmed that the heinous massacre will never be forgotten with the passing of time, and that the international community has responsibility for bringing Israeli leaders to international courts.
President Moon Jae-in pledged Tuesday that the government will make every effort to find the truth behind the Jeju April 3 Massacres including why they happened, as he apologized for the mass killings committed by state-aligned forces amid ideological conflicts following liberation from the 1910-45 Japanese occupation.
The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey has condemned the Khojaly Massacre in a statement released on the 26th anniversary of the incident, Turkish media reported on Feb.26.
The occupied Palestinian city of Hebron (Al-Khalil) marked 24 years since the Ibrahimi mosque massacre took place, when an Israeli settler opened fire at Muslims observing the dawn prayers on a Ramadan morning, killing 29 worshipers and injuring 150 others before he was caught and killed by the crowds.
Theatres of Violence: Massacre, Mass Killing and Atrocity throughout History.