mass-casualty weapons

mass-ca·su·al·ty wea·pons

(MCW) (mas-kazh'ū-ăl-tē wep'ŏnz)
Weapons (e.g., chemical, biologic, and radiologic agents) intended to cause death or serious injury to large numbers of humans (or animals).
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As the State Department's top arms control official under Bush, he pushed hard for the 2003 invasion of Iraq -- a move ultimately based on false intelligence about mass-casualty weapons in the country.
To prevent deadly viruses from being turned into mass-casualty weapons, officials say, one of the most difficult challenges is obtaining timely and accurate insight on potential attacks.
(13) In the twenty-first century, technological barriers are no longer as formidable as they once were, and some experts believe that a determined individual or group can independently develop BW mass-casualty weapons. (14)
Jessica Stern, in The Ultimate Terrorists, outlines four techniques of "moral disengagement" that individuals and groups have used to justify their use of mass-casualty weapons. (15)
The mass-casualty weapons most likely to be used, Younger said, are chemical or biological.
Brown, told the conference that be has given Rumsfeld a 600-page plan to fight a global war, including a strategy, to prevent terrorists from using mass-casualty weapons against the U.S.
Participants are cooperating to develop a broad range of legal, diplomatic, economic, military and other tools-including interdiction of commercial shipping in the air, on land and at sea--to stop the movement of mass-casualty weapons.