mass-casualty incident

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mass-cas·u·al·ty in·ci·dent

(mas-kazh'ū-ăl-tē in'si-dĕnt)
Any event that overwhelms the abilities of on-site hospitals or receiving hospitals to treat casualties.
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It is the largest single mass-casualty incident since the start of Operation Zarb-e-Azb that has so provoked the TTP that they decided to conduct a slaughter of the innocents.
With highways damaged, the National Park Service requested military assistance in flying more rangers from southern Arizona to help with the mass-casualty incident.
BARDA is seeking safe and effective medical products that can be used to treat a wide range of types of burn injuries, resulting from any cause, and importantly from any mass-casualty incident.
The course focus is often on preparing to make the post's Emergency Action Plan real, by running mass-casualty incident drills.
waters has thus increased the probability of an intentional or unintentional maritime mass-casualty incident.
To support the first responders in a mass-casualty incident, our soldiers must hold a certification that the responders recognize.
Ambulance service MIOs usually deal with mass-casualty incidents such as pile-ups and explosions.
Time and again, factors including overcrowding, lax building codes, lack of inspections, inadequate emergency planning, use of indoor pyrotechnics, and a lack of adequate fire suppression systems have led to mass-casualty incidents.
Police and medics practiced mass-casualty incidents and air raid sirens were scheduled to sound twice.
A separate chapter is devoted to mass-casualty incidents and terrorism.