mass spectrum

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mass spec·trum

(mas spek'trŭm)
A distribution of charged particles arranged in the order of mass.
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To achieve this quantitative capability, we took 2 important measures, one to ensure a homogeneous layer of glycan-matrix cocrystals and the other to scan the glycan-matrix spot to obtain 610 mass spectra, the mean of which was used as the final mass spectrum for each glycan sample.
In order to obtain a well-resolved mass spectrum from externally generated ions the energy spread, (delta) [E.sub.o], of the ions must be limited.
(iii) the graviton mass spectrum at 14 TeV at the LHC for numbers of extra dimensions (n = 2, 4, and 6) (for simplicity and brevity).
The mass spectrum of the same compound showed a very intense molecular ion peak at 482 (Scheme-3).
These methods allow protein samples to be ionized for analysis in a mass spectrometer, producing a pattern called a mass spectrum. These mass spectra--which often number in the thousands for a given sample--can then be used to positively identify proteins or protein digests (strings of peptides or protein fragments produced when the proteins are ionized) through the automatic querying of protein databases.
"Each data point in the chromatogram is a mass spectrum," continues Marinelli.
A comparative study has been introduced for the mass spectrum and decay properties for the D meson with the quark-antiquark potential using hydrogeometric and Gaussian wave function [64].
The 1 H NMR, 13 C-NMR, IR and Mass spectrum (APCI) of the sample (in CDCl 3 and Acetone as solvents respectively) indicated that the compound was pure.