Mass Murder

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The systematic killing of a population, either entirely or the majority thereof. A mass murder may be perpetrated with the tacit or active support of a community or a group in the society in which it occurred, and usually is a single event. History’s largest mass murders have been attempts to exterminate an ethnic and other group—i.e., genocide
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Alan Peter Cayetano stood up to object to Trillanes' calling the President a mass murderer.
'On one hand, we can sweep this very serious allegations under the rug or we can decide to fulfill our mandate in our system of checks and balances by expanding our investigation to rule out that possibility that indeed we have a mass murderer as President of the Republic,' he added.
"I cannot believe they would have omitted to tell me when I was appointed as Bishop of Derry in 1974 if they had for a moment believed one of the priests in my future diocese was a mass murderer.
DETECTIVES investigating the disappearance of little Mary Boyle in Co Donegal 25 years ago, are convinced now more than ever that she was another victim of British mass murderer Robert Black.
He said: "It beggars belief that the Tali-ban, who oppress women, persecute homosexuals, rely on drugs money for their funding, behead adulterers and massacre their opponents, should pose as civil liberties lawyers when it comes to defending mass murderer Osama bin Laden."
THE trial of an alleged Nazi mass murderer was halted yesterday after he claimed he was ill.
But with faultless performances, particularly from Penny Layden, who plays mass murderer Scout and her partner in crime Wayne Hudson, played by Stephen Kennedy, this is an entirely enjoyable morality tale.
IT'S a strange world where a mean, bald mass murderer is the most sympathetic character.
PHNOM PENH: An alleged self-confessed Khmer Rouge mass murderer has been found by Cambodian security forces and was under government protection yesterday.
IT is an indication of just how soft Scottish law is viewed, when a mass murderer like Ian Brady is now begging to come "home" to a Scottish jail.
But over the past four years, there has been a peak in negative reports, such as the gynaecologist Rodney Ledward and the mass murderer Dr Harold Shipman.