mass infection

mass in·fec·tion

infection resulting from the entrance of a large number of pathogens into the circulation or tissues.
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Across England and Wales, there were 715 people with cancer who died from this type of mass infection in 2016 - the latest figures available.
Twenty-one people were confirmed to have contracted norovirus at a residential facility in PyeongChang and were treated in self-quarantine, South Korea's disease control authority and government offices involved in the mass infection investigation said on Wednesday.
The information about a mass infection in the refugee center in Harmanli is not true, said the chairwoman of the State Agency for Refugees Petia Parvanova in an interview with Bulgarian National Radio on November 21.
Pandemic influenza: mass gatherings and mass infection. Lancet Infect Dis.
Prime Minister Hu Sen called for an investigation, as the mass infection was allegedly spread by contaminated needles used in medical treatment by an unlicensed healthcare worker.
Dr Swagata Mallick, a paediatrician at the iCare Group, said, "Even one case of polio virus can lead to mass infection...
..." The clinic's syringes and vials became "weapons of mass infection."
It wasn't like a mass infection across a large organization.
The mass infection can be easily seen by searching Google US with the terms "Viagra and .edu":
Secondly, a farmer maintains and increases the presence of botnets in cyberspace through mass infection. A botnet is an army of infected computers that hackers can control from a central machine.