masked facies

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(fā′sh(ē-)ēz) plural.facies [L. face]
1. The face or the surface of any structure.
2. The expression or appearance of the face.

facies abdominalis

A pinched, anxious, shrunken, and drawn expression once thought to be indicative of abdominal diseases.

adenoid facies

A dull, lethargic appearance with open mouth, which may be due to hypertrophy of adenoids or to chronic mouth breathing.

facies aortica

A facial appearance once thought to be indicative of aortic insufficiency, with bluish sclerae, sunken cheeks, and sallow skin.

asymmetric crying facies

An autosomal dominant defect in the formation of a muscle at the corner of the mouth. It is associated with a deletion from the 22nd chromosome and is often found with other facial, heart, bony, or urinary abnormalities.

facies hepatica

The appearance of the face in end-stage liver disease. The skin is sallow, the conjunctivae yellow, and the eyeballs sunken.

facies hippocratica

, Hippocratic facies
The facial appearance classically described in those dying from long-continued illness or from cholera. The cheeks and temples are hollow, the eyes sunken, the complexion leaden, and the lips relaxed.

facies leontina

, leonine facies
The lion-like facial appearance seen in certain forms of leprosy.

masklike facies

, masked facies
An expressionless face with little or no animation, seen in parkinsonism.

facies mitralis

The facies seen in advanced mitral insufficiency. Capillaries are more or less visible, and the cheeks are pink, although the patient may be cyanotic.

myopathic facies

The facies due to muscular relaxation. The lids drop and the lips protrude.

parkinsonian facies

A masklike facies with infrequent eye blinking and decreased facial expressiveness.

thalassemic facies

Enlargement of the cheek bones and forehead in people with thalassemia major. In thalassemic patients the bone marrow cavity expands, and the cortex of bone is thinner than normal.

masklike facies

, masked facies
An expressionless face with little or no animation, seen in parkinsonism.
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