mask of pregnancy

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1. a covering for the face, as a bandage, an apparatus for administering anesthesia or oxygen, or a cloth that prevents droplets from the mouth and nose from spreading in the air.
A standard face mask. From Lammon et al., 1996.
2. to cover or conceal, as the masking of the nature of a disorder by unassociated signs or organisms.
3. in audiometry, to obscure or diminish a sound by the presence of another sound of different frequency.
mask of pregnancy popular term for melasma gravidarum.
Venturi mask see venturi mask.

mask of pregnancy

See chloasma.


An acquired hypermelanosis with “blotchy” coalescent hyperpigmented macules occuring in sun-exposed areas, especially of the face and neck, which is typically seen in pregnancy or with OC use; it is caused by oxidation of tyrosine to melanin and usually regresses with delivery. A similar mask may appear in men without abnormal hormone levels, and in patients treated with phenytoin.

mask of pregnancy

Melasma, see there.


A patchy or generalized pigmentation of the skin.
See also: chloasma
[G. a black color, a black spot]