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Abbreviation for:
Medical Academic Staff Committee 
Medical Advisers Support Centre


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Histologically, MASC is predominantly an extraductal and unencapsulated neoplasm typically showing at least some infiltration.
described a case with the patient with molecularly confirmed MASC that had a dramatic and clinically durable response to the targeted therapy with the pan-Trk inhibitor entrectinib (Ignyta) [9].
The investors were investors, and not clients of MASC.
El empleo de los MASC se plantea para hacer efectivo el derecho a una justicia rapida y al alcance de todos; siendo que, al tener el derecho a una justicia alternativa se implica una gama de resultados o acciones posibles, al centrarse en areas de oportunidad, acuerdos o temas comunes (como puede suceder, en una negociacion, como mas aun, en una negociacion asistida), lo anterior, sin los costos de tiempo, esfuerzo, desgaste de recursos humanos y materiales, como suele suceder en un proceso judicial, esto, en beneficio de la persona, en la busqueda del dialogo, respeto y reconocimiento de una verdad aproximativa o redefinicion de una controversia.
Some scores on the MASC and/or subscales increased from the first to the last testing.
In the present study, as said, only the scale totals of the CDI, the MASC and the CRI have been studied.
Overall, the results of the study show that mean pretest scores on the MASC were higher for both groups compared to mean posttest scores.
MASC vehicles are shared and their use is charged for.
Results demonstrate that the Phase 3 MASC score was related to the Phase 3 WCST total correct categories (r = 0.
The MASC system element, expected to enter service in 2012, is but one component of a package of naval assets to be procured by the Royal Navy.
Mobistar uses MASC to translate strategy into quantifiable performance indicators that measure specific points of progress toward strategic objectives.