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Part or division.
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Part or division.
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segment of a bifocal lens (seg) 

An area of a bifocal lens of a power different to that of the main portion. Syn. portion. There is the distance portion, which has the correction for distance vision, and the near or reading portion, which has the correction for near vision. See intermediate portion.
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IN India, offenders asking for Jahez or marriage portion may be sentenced for any period from a minimum of 7 years in prison to a maximum of life imprisonment, like in India, depending on range and extent of a criminal offense.
4) provides a straightforward and detailed account of the numerous Qur'anic provisions that serve as points of departure for jurists' regulations of the marriage portion, guardianship, prohibited degrees of kinship, divorce, and menstruation.
Russian Mirror Film Festival which screened the film celebrated its 4th edition May 23-30.Entries from Finland, Island, South Korea and Russia were shown in the event.The story narrates life of a worker of a tire plant who must pay his wife's marriage portion.The low-income worker did his best to pay the marriage portion, but suddenly he found a way with the help of another worker who has lost some of his fingers at work.
Because husbands often failed to provide the contracted marriage portion, women would be forced on the public dole absent a father or brother willing to support them.