marmas (märˑ·ms), in Ayurveda, the 107 subcutaneous pressure points in the body that are believed to connect mind and body. Each marma influences a specific organ system and an injury to a marma damages the related organ. Many of the marmas correspond to the Japanese Shiatsu system. See also Shiatsu.
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In the southeast region of Chittagong Division, reside various tribes like the Chakmas, Marmas, Murongs, Rakhains, Bawms, Lusais, Chaks, and the Tonchongyas.
Chittagong Hill Tract Districts The three hill districts of Rangamati, Banderban and Khagrachari are inhabited by number of distinctive enterprising tribes like the Chakmas, the Tripuras, the Murang and the Marmas -- all preserving their age old cultures, colorful rituals, dances and music.
Likewise, most of the Chakmas, many Marmas and other smaller tribes (and even many Maghs) refused to go back to Arakan from Bengal.
Hanagan completed a double when Marmas, owned by Hamdan Al Maktoum, and so the principal reason for the jockey's appearance at Lingfield, justified strong support in the 2m handicap, pulling well clear with Squad, whom he beat by half a length.
au) and massages the marmas or pranic (energetic) centres on your face using the spa's rejuvenating oils.
The various tribes that were included in the present survey were the Chak, Chakmas, Garos, Marmas, Santals, Tonchongas and the Tripuras.
Dawri Al Nojoum and Marmas Al Osra and Drama Movies will also be part of Ramadan programmes.
Marmas are points on the body that awaken it to engage in its own balancing process.
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Marmas are junction points between physical and emotional parts of the body.
The Marmas form the second largest community inhabiting the forest regions of Chittagong Hill Tracts in the south-eastern part of the country.