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A constellation of activities, such as advertising and other forms of public dissemination of information, intended to maximise the advertising party’s marketshare of a particular service or product.
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Medical practice A constellation of activities–advertising, giving of labeled trinkets–pens, mugs, etc and other forms of public dissemination of information, to maximize advertiser's marketshare for a particular service or goods. See Advertising, Cigarette marketing, Detailing, Yellow professionalism.
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Patient discussion about marketing

Q. why these home pregnancy tests sell in market… I checked my hormone to check my pregnancy and it showed positive but on meeting my doctor it turned up to negative……I am depressed and as well angry, as why these home pregnancy tests sell in market…….why can’t they tell the right and how come doctor tell it right?

A. My dear Olivia, I am sorry about you and these home tests which had depressed you…See…….these home pregnancy tests give the results based on the hormone present or absent only and if it is showing present then may be your hormone had rise for some other unknown reason, which these tests at home confirm to your joy…….but provided you buy the one which is famous for its right result. Doctors too check the same hormones but they do not check for your hormone presence but they find the amount presence and also why this amount with other tests and observation, they confirm right.

Q. I wish to know the drugs available in the market for the treatment of manic depression? I am in manic depression and my doctor prescribes different meds during my visit. Out of my own interest, I wish to know the drugs available in the market for the treatment of manic depression?

A. Yes, many drugs are available in the market for the treatment of manic depression. But the effect of each medicine differs from individual to individual and stage to stage. Some of the meds are mood stabilizers (Lithium (Lithobid)- the oldest, valproic acid(Depakote), Lamotrigine(Lamictal), Gabapentin (Neurontin), Oxcarbazepine (Trileptal) are available. Some antidepressants are also prescribed to reduce the symptoms. They are Prozac, Effexor,etc. Some antipsychotic drugs are also prescribed like Olanzapine(zyprexa), Clozapine(clozaril) . As all these drugs are now used in bipolar prescriptions, a general thinking comes for the large number availability of drugs in market.

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