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The effects of speed harmonization under different C/AV market penetration rates and the associated network performance measures are shown in Figures 10 and 11, respectively.
Each of these approaches can lead to truly effective strategies for reaching full attainable market penetration and accelerating adoption of efficient lighting products.
The check fraud category is no different--Early Warning leads in market penetration with 15 out of 23 institutions using the vendor, yet market share is split between Early Warning and Fiserv Carreker, with neither vendor dominating.
Although Africa offers growth promise to mobile carriers, there are serious obstacles that will make it impossible to achieve the level of market penetration known in South Africa and other developed nations.
All the contenders have limitations and low market penetration. Wireless Wi-Fi technology is wildly popular.
Overall, diesel market penetration last year increased to 35.9pc from a previous high of 32.3pc in 2000.
A privately held company, Sentori is expanding its employee base to ensure that market penetration and client satisfaction objectives are met.
For example, in the IRS Guide for International Examiners, examiners are instructed to closely analyze any transfer-pricing arguments that emphasize market penetration. The IRS expects taxpayers to provide contemporaneous documentation substantiating that (1) the time period for the market-share strategy is reasonable (considering the industry and product) and (2) the market-share strategy has economic substance, or a reasonable likelihood exists that it will produce future profits.
BioPhausia will improve the possibilities for market penetration on this major pharmaceutical market .
IDC is projecting the server segment to provide the growth opportunity for RAID with market penetration expected to increase from 15 to 35 percent within two years.
The new company, Andros UK, will harmonise and implement plans by Andros SA to increase UK market penetration of their branded products in conjunction with the John Lusty Group's Trustin Unimerchants sales and distribution subsidiary.
Given numbers like these, it's easy to see substantial untapped potential in achieving a deeper market penetration. The potential over the next five years based on demographic growth projections is approximately 671,000 age 75-plus, $35,000-plus households.