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/mar·i·tal/ (mar´ĭ-t'l) of or pertaining to marriage.

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Q. My brother-in-law named Jacob has bi-polar schizophrenia; please help us by giving some solution for this… My brother-in-law named Jacob has bi-polar schizophrenia; he is currently on his medication and takes them faithfully in a positive mood. We have a hard time communicating with each other and it's destroying our marriage, please help us by giving some solution for this…

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1991) 'The competency of responses given by maritally violent versus nonviolent men to problematic marital situations,' in Violence and Victims Vol 6.
A note on maritally disrupted men's reports of child support in the June 1980 Current Population Survey.
The majority of them live maritally (74,5 %), are awarded a diploma (88,2 %), have two children or more (70 %).
But the finales of both Sabina and The Masquerading of Margaret keep the Amish maritally and genetically cordoned off from the English.
Social skills deficits in maritally violent men: Interpreting the data using a social information processing model.
We think this means that when soldiers are maritally dissatisfied, communication with their wives during deployment may be less positive and doesn't provide soldiers with social support that can help protect against PTSD symptoms," co-author Ben Loew, University of Denver, said.
Our closing moment is one of seeing a maritally betrayed Frado busily preparing to improve her economic position ostensibly to retrieve the son her poor economic status has forced her to abandon.
Mr Verloc loved his wife as a wife should be loved--that is, maritally, with the regard one has for one's chief possession.
Sania recently celebrated her engagement to a childhood friend who turned out, on closer inspection, to be maritally challenged.
Some studies of couples' communication patterns have found that maritally violent men tend to exhibit poor interaction and communication skills and react with excessive aggression to their partner's less aggressive communication efforts (Holtzworth-Munroe et al.
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Childhood Abuse in Battered Women: Comparisons with Maritally Distressed Women, 63 J.
Sex promises women pleasure (eventually, within rigorously circumscribed bounds) and marriage and family promise them safety; but these promises are continually undercut by equal and opposite portrayals of misery, penury, and loss for the sexually and maritally improvident.