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The marimba is similar to a xylophone, but has tubelike resonators underneath the keys to convey the sounds.
Aunque la ejecucion de la marimba tradicional es acostumbrada en San Antonio, se observa desinteres por parte de la poblacion joven de la region en involucrarse con esta practica cultural.
El Concierto para marimba y orquesta vivio un auge inesperado, se dio una alquimia magica de comunicacion musical y una aventura que culminamos en los escenarios de Europa; fue el rosario de vivencias con Zeferino cuyas baquetas son dificiles de imaginar quietas.
One of the most important pastimes in Cauca is the currulao, a community get-together that involves playing and dancing to marimba music at the "marimba house," where master artists store their instruments.
Fitzgerald also says that Novadigm came out with its first integrated client technology back in 1995, and then moved on to application specific products for enterprise customers in 1997, something which Marimba is now doing itself, having started off as a push technology company.
Boss will perform as marimba soloist in the opening concert in the work by Benjamin Godard titled ``Concerto Romantique.
He concludes with the origin and development of the marimba in Chiapas and its evolution from a single gourd-resonated, diatonic instrument to a wood-resonated, chromatic double set.
As a member of the percussion family of instruments, the marimba shares some characteristics with drums, bells, scrapers and other devices struck by hand, stick or mallet to produce the desired sound.
Photo: Jazz pianist and marimba builder Chris Banta has bra nched out with a self-published book on geographical and phenomenal mysteries.