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Colloquial term descriptive of the segmented forms (merozoites) of the mature schizont of Plasmodium malariae.
Referring to a pattern with a central mass surrounded, rosette-like, with oval structures that abut a central mass at one end
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In revealing Marguerite's hidden depths, Osborne managed an incredible juggling act, relinquishing her character's innate innocence--first to submit to Faust's seduction, then to resolutely defy Mephistopheles.
Marguerite Henderson, 55, speaking about her ordeal for the first time, said thoughts of her family pulled her through after the tiny cut on her hand left her fighting for her life.
But these successes weren't enough for Marguerite as she's gone on to write a sequel.
The comic is written by Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by Rafael de Latorre.
As he arrives in Paris for the first time, the young and naive Armand is utterly captivated by Marguerite -- who is renowned for her beauty but also plagued by illness.
Originally published in French in 1917, this diary documents events in the town of Ypres, Belgium, between October 1914 and May 1915 during the Flanders campaign of World War II, as Soeur Marguerite of the Sisters of Lamotte worked with the FriendsAE Ambulance Unit and local priest Camille Delaere to help the civilian population.
Synopsis: On December 26th, 1990 Marguerite Elisofon gave birth to premature twins: Samantha and Matthew.
Later they divorced and Marguerite then went on to marry Renford Wilton Davis in January 1947 in South Liverpool.
Perhaps in the first book the author explained how physical copies of Marguerite and Leo, sometimes with a few modifications, are in each of these different timescapes, with their personalities varying on a sliding scale.
No, today I pay my own small tribute to Marguerite Patten - a lady who left us last week, aged 99, but who, through one recipe alone, transformed my life and made me feel like the king of the kitchen.