marginal periodontitis

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marginal periodontitis

A sequela of gingivitis in which inflammation has spread apically to involve the alveolar process.
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mar·gi·nal per·i·o·don·ti·tis

(mahrji-năl perē-ō-don-tītis)
Formerly used term more accurately replaced in current dental terminology by chronic periodontitis, necrotizing periodontal diseases, and pericoronal abscesses of the periodontium.
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Chronic marginal periodontitis is the most common significant dental infection which affects BMT/HSCT patients.25 A retrospective investigation reported that 64% of patients with chronic periodontal disease had positive blood cultures and septicemia during the initial 100 days after BMT/HSCT.25 However as little data are available about the effect of pre- BMT dental treatment for chronic periodontitis on the incidence of infectious complications the treatment modality has varied from observing the affected teeth to removing a symptomatic teeth.25 Chronic marginal periodontitis was not found in the present study probably because this study was on paediatric patients which suffer less periodontal problems as compared to adult patients.

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