marginal groove

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mar·gi·nal groove

(mahrji-năl grūv)
Free gingival groove/shallow depression on outer surface of gingiva; separates free gingiva from attached gingiva.
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3) Still other particles appear to remain on the frontal surfaces of the filaments until reaching the tips, where they move laterally into the marginal groove proper through gaps between adjacent and opposing filament tips (Fig.
Because the superficial mucous string is sometimes opaque, we were unable to observe the marginal groove proper at all particle concentrations and types.
Movement of the mucous string inside the marginal groove proper does not appear to be interrupted.
It was unclear whether, or at what point, the mucous string is removed from the marginal groove proper.
In this case, the superficial mucous string does not disperse on the ridged surfaces of the palp lamellae but is transferred from the marginal groove of the inner demibranch directly to the palp apices by the extreme posterior section of the smooth ciliated surface (s ee Fig 1).