margin of safety

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an edge or border.
gingival margin gum margin.
gum margin the border of the gingiva surrounding, but unattached to, the substance of the teeth.
margin of safety a calculation that takes the highest animal no observed adverse effect level and estimates a maximum safe level of exposure for humans. It is now generally superseded by the reference dose.

mar·gin of safe·ty

the range between the minimal therapeutic dose and the minimal toxic dose of a drug.

mar·gin of safe·ty

(mahr'jin sāf'tē)
The area between the minimal therapeutic dose and the minimal toxic dose of a drug.
Synonym(s): safety margin.

mar·gin of safe·ty

(mahr'jin sāf'tē)
The gap (i.e., range) between the minimal therapeutic dose of a drug and its minimal toxic dose.
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Though the breakeven point provides information about the bare minimum we need to cover fixed costs, the margin of safety, as mentioned previously, gives us a feel for not only how well we're doing but also how many units we're selling each period that provide actual profit.
From these dimensions, he developed the concept of a "margin of safety" assuming that the length of the tip and of the cuff of the tube were uniform (1).
The calculation must include a margin of safety to ensure that the waterbody can be used for the designated purposes.
The UMWA appealed that decision to the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board, which rescinded the PADEP variance after determining it would not provide an equal or greater margin of safety as the 3-hour inspections.
(3.) The Safe Drinking Water Act requires that the health-based standard be set at a level to prevent any known or anticipated adverse health effect, with an adequate margin of safety.
General industry practice is to run tools with some margin of safety in the 45 F to 55 F range.
The latter has only 16 percent more signatures than the number required - a thin margin of safety, considering that about one in five signatures collected by paid petitioners like those employed by Sizemore turns out to be invalid.
"If we buy stock below a company's intrinsic value, we get an automatic margin of safety."
"This should provide a clear margin of safety but any specific advice from the car manufacturer should be followed."
The manuscript, with the working title The Margin of Safety, was completed in 1998 and over the next two years was used and evaluated in the classroom in several courses.
Adding an extra margin of safety is part of a strong precautionary approach to regulating substances.