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An additional 6 cases with an invasive component, classified as either suspicious for invasion, microinvasion ([less than or equal to] 0.1 cm; T1mic), or an invasion measuring 0.1 cm but no more than 0.5 cm (T1a) were included, provided that the invasive component was greater than 1 cm from the final margin of resection. Patients with PLCIS who underwent total or modified radical mastectomy were excluded from the study group.
Ki-67 immunoreactivity in cells at or near the margin of resection ranged from 1% to 30% (mean, 7.5%) across all margin groups (Figure 4).
Given the higher-than-expected rate of associated invasive carcinoma with this lesion, the authors30 recommended excision of the lesion when present on core biopsy or at the margin of resection.