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Obsolete term for marasmus.
[L. fr. marceo, to wither]
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At MARCOR Environmental Inc.'s booth, asbestos rock in a jar (sealed, of course) was the drawing card for this supplier of environmental contracting services, headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland.
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Bruce Farrow, is President, International Society for Nephrology Technicians and Technologists; and a Corporate Account Manager, MarCor Purification, Atlanta, GA.
Silicato, REM, CIE, is a vice president at MARCOR Remediation Inc., a nationwide environmental services contractor located in Hunt Valley, MD.
"I have a deep love of my country and my way of life," said Naval Reserve Supply Corps officer LCDR Marcor Platt, who left his self-run ranch and family in Arizona and led a Defense Logistics Agency Contingency Support Team (DCST) to Uzbekistan.
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