marasmic kwashiorkor

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ma·ras·mic kwa·shi·or·kor

severe protein-calorie malnutrition characterized by extreme weight loss, weakness, and features of kwashiorkor.
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Marasmic patients stayed significantly longer in the hospital than kwashiorkor and marasmic kwashiorkor patients (p=0.032 and p=0.001, respectively).
Although controls had highest detection of aflatoxins (90.9%), followed by kwashiorkor (84.6%), marasmus (81.8%) and marasmic kwashiorkor (60%) in descending order, the observed differences in rates of detection in urine were not significant (p>0.05).
Conclusions: The cytokines were more elevated in kwashiorkor than marasmic kwashiorkor, marasmus or malaria alone.
The results showed Meteitei to have the highest prevalence of 18% for Kwashiorkor, Marasmus and Marasmic Kwashiorkor while Makunga showed the least prevalence of 4%.