maple sugar

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ma·ple sug·ar

sucrose extracted from the sap of the sugar maple, Acer saccharinum.
Synonym(s): saccharum canadense
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The soft maple sugar candy seems to be the most popular and is often formed into the shape of maple leaves.
This year, his first in the Legislature, he doubled his maple sugar production, a bit of a surprise since the Maine Legislature meets from January to April or June, depending on the year--and sugaring is possible only in March.
Until the 19th century, the major source of sugar consumed in these areas came from maple sugar trees.
There are factors other than climate involved; Canada heavily subsidizes its maple sugar industry, for instance.
In addition, because white cane sugar was produced by black slave labor in the South, during the Civil War Northerners ate maple sugar as a form of protest: Yankees sweetened their food solely with maple syrup, in order to show their displeasure with the Southern system.
Through the integration of historical research with a landscape archaeology approach, this paper examines the evolution and abandonment of a landscape of maple sugar and syrup production in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA.
Attendees enjoyed great food at the Sugar Shack Lac Beauport where they learned the culture of maple sugar making.
Maple sugar candy, honey w/comb, gum, dried fruit (apples, grapes, etc.
Here, against all odds, Vanier confesses his deep and ongoing happiness, his love of his friends and his gratitude for simple gifts from home of maple sugar and chocolate.
To survive, everyone must help with the hard work, such as scraping a smelly moose hide, child care, carrying water, and the harvesting and processing of wild rice and maple sugar.
In spring the island's sugar shacks come alive as maple sugar begins to boil.