map distance

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map dis·tance

(map dis'tănts),
The degree of separation of two loci on a linkage map, measured in morgans or centimorgans.

map distance

See map unit.

map distance

A genetics term of art for the space between two points of interest—typically between genes—which may be measured in centimorgans or kilobase pairs.

map distance, map unit

the amount of recombination between two genes expressed as a percentage. See also centimorgan.
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Thirty-four plus percent recombination or 34 map units is a much better estimate of the true recombination frequency between sepia and ebony but is still less than the official map distance probably because of the underestimation of the recombination frequency due to the inability to detect double crossovers, as well as other factors.
But one might expect the distance-similarity metaphor to imply that viewers of spatializations will quantitatively equate map distance with similarity (actually dissimilarity), at least approximately.
e] c + 1), where c is linkage map distance in Morgans (Sved, 1971).
Using Table 1, students determine the approximate map distance between their two linked genes.
50 cM (1) Single linkage group 33 Multiple linkage group BTA1 49 BTA2 40 BTA3 52 BTA4 36 BTA5 39 BTA6 45 BTA7 42 BTA8 52 BTA9 35 BTA10 44 BTA11 43 BTA12 35 BTA13 41 BTA14 28 BTA15 24 BTA16 32 BTA17 39 BTA18 41 BTA19 28 BTA20 28 BTA21 30 BTA22 29 BTA23 21 BTA24 19 BTA25 28 BTA26 25 BTA27 24 BTA28 26 BTA29 20 Total 995 (1) Average map distance between flanking QTL loci was 3.
Somen stated: With this system in place we can now coordinate network faults and better map distances to resolve such interruptions much faster, even as we expand our metropolitan coverage.
1990) with a FIXED option to obtain the map distances.
Map distances (measured in centi-Morgans) were calculated using Kosambi's mapping function (Kosambi 1944).
As the linkage map construction was not available in the GDD, map distances between the markers were obtained from publicly available maps (www.