map distance

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map dis·tance

(map dis'tănts),
The degree of separation of two loci on a linkage map, measured in morgans or centimorgans.

map distance

See map unit.

map distance

A genetics term of art for the space between two points of interest—typically between genes—which may be measured in centimorgans or kilobase pairs.

map distance, map unit

the amount of recombination between two genes expressed as a percentage. See also centimorgan.
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The map distance between Satt220 and Satt536 in the integrated map (5.
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One high sugar and 3 low sugar individuals respectively in 87 high sugar group and 33 low sugar group displayed recombination (Table 1) and corresponding linkage map distance was 3.
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This Z value is used with a lookup table to extrapolate a map distance between two genes (Griffiths et al.
Genotypes in the founder (base) population were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and at gametogenesis in each subsequent generation such that maternal and paternal chromosome segments were inherited assuming no interference in recombination and utilizing Haldane's map distances (Lynch and Walsh, 1998).
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Reference to published map information including types and number of markers mapped, average map distance between markers, range of map interval size, and qualitative and quantitative trait loci mapped.
1983) derived the following formula for the probability of at least one marker within a specified map distance of a major gene: