manually tuned

man·u·al·ly tuned

(man'yū-ăl-lē tūnd)
Denotes ultrasonic device with a tuning control knob or button that can be used to set the vibration frequency of the tip at a level above or below resonant frequency.
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The powertrain can also be manually tuned from Eco to Sport modes, depending on the conditions.
The largest single gains from any changes seem to be in the memory tuning department, when comparing manually tuned DDR4 with the defaults assigned to the motherboard by the UEFI.
For many of us the last time we manually tuned a nav radio we read the frequency off a paper chart.
The variable capacitors are manually tuned to resonate each loop at 6.78 MHz.
In the first step, the PID controllers of the system without muscle model were manually tuned to obtain parameters for the best trajectories that tracked the predefined reference trajectories.
The results of the closed loop measurements using the manually tuned PID-Controller showed a reduction potential for the dynamic lift loads in the range of 70% (Fig.
Given prior knowledge of AHUs' characteristics, a PID controller can be manually tuned to achieve a desired closed-loop response at a given operating point.
Based on adaptive HLMs (hierarchical language models), vlingo allows application developers to quickly and inexpensively voice-enable their application, giving consumers quick and easy access to the mobile Internet, with accuracy rates that exceed those of expensive manually tuned systems.
To date, fixed delay lines have been used that are manually tuned to a precise delay value at installation.