manual scaling

man·u·al scal·ing

(manyū-ăl skāling)
Use of a hand-held scaling instrument as opposed to a mechanical or ultrasonic device.
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However, unlike the multi-point data provided by the third-party databases, these graphs are just that, images where actual data points need to be estimated visually or through manual scaling.
Azure also allows for manual scaling keeping in mind that the priorities of different users would differ.
Included in the statistics package is a powerful graphical report generator that can display test results in line, point or bar format with either automatic or manual scaling, according to the company.
The type of dental hygiene procedure was classified as exam (intra- and extra-oral, dental, occlusal, and periodontal, including probing), scaling (manual scaling alone, or exam and manual scaling, but no polishing), complete prophylaxis (examination, scaling and polishing, or scaling and polishing if the examination had been completed at an earlier appointment), and appointments during which ultrasonic scalers, sonic scalers, or air polisher were used.