manual scaling

man·u·al scal·ing

(manyū-ăl skāling)
Use of a hand-held scaling instrument as opposed to a mechanical or ultrasonic device.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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This was closely followed by periodontology department in which the most common cause was the use of sharp curettes and inadequate technique/inexperience during manual scaling.
However, unlike the multi-point data provided by the third-party databases, these graphs are just that, images where actual data points need to be estimated visually or through manual scaling. Here again, the providers of high-performance materials will tend to provide a detailed set of graphs for a broad set of grades.
Azure also allows for manual scaling keeping in mind that the priorities of different users would differ.
Included in the statistics package is a powerful graphical report generator that can display test results in line, point or bar format with either automatic or manual scaling, according to the company.