manual muscle testing

man·u·al mus·cle test·ing

(MMT) (man'yū-ăl mŭs'ĕl test'ing)
Assessment modality for the strength of a muscle through manual evaluation. Rating is done by moving the involved part through its full-range of motion against gravity and then against gravity with resistance.
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Tendon thickness and tear were measured on a grey scale Toshiba Xerio (8-14 MHz), range of motion (ROM) was recorded on Goniometry, manual muscle strength on Oxford Scale for Manual Muscle Testing, quality of life by QOL-EQ-5D-3L and functional disability by disability of arm, shoulder and hand (DASH)10 (Table).
It describes the practice of occupational therapy and applications to assist clients to achieve movement-related goals in tasks, activities, and occupations, and includes gross range of motion and manual muscle testing.
12) Manual muscle testing revealed that gluteal weakness was more evident on the left side than the right (Table 1).
Motor level is the most caudal key muscle group that is graded 3/5 or greater with the segments cephalad graded normal (5/5) strength according to manual muscle testing.
The cooperative international neuromuscular research group Duchenne natural history study: glucocorticoid treatment preserves clinically meaningful functional milestones and reduces rate of disease progression as measured by manual muscle testing and other commonly used clinical trial outcome measures.
Data from the sEMG readings were collected during maximum voluntary isometric contraction (MVIC) for each of the muscles following standard manual muscle testing procedures.
Manual muscle testing was 4/5 throughout the upper and lower extremities.
Also noted were flaccid paralysis of the lower extremities (manual muscle testing score 4, dorsal and plantar flexion of the foot; manual muscle testing score 2, flexion and extension of the thighs), dysarthria, peripheral facial paralysis, and gaze-evoked nystagmus.
In this male patient complete strength recovery as measured by manual muscle testing (MMT) was achieved almost a year after an additional foraminotomy of C4/5.
Abbreviations MMT: Manual muscle testing PS: Performance status CT: Computed tomography CK: Creatine kinase LDH: Lactate dehydrogenase HCG-[beta]: Human chorionic gonadotropin-beta AFP: Alpha-fetoprotein IVIg: Intravenous immunoglobulin EP regimen: Regimen of etoposide plus cisplatin.
Manual Muscle Testing (Clarkson et al 2000) was used to measure strength; it has been validated for use in both a paediatric and an adult population (Rider et al 2010).
Scott Cuthbert, DC, and his associates wanted to know if there was a correlation between manual muscle testing and salivary hormone screening.

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