manual manipulation

manual manipulation,

n therapies that stimulate or manipulate the body to arrest disease and improve health. Manual manipulation therapies include massage, chiropractic, and osteopathic treatments.
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Also, the presentation system reduces the need for frequent manual manipulation, which altogether contributes to its better protection.
Studies showed that with FSL little manual manipulation was required in almost 96% cases while removing the capsule, showing that a free-floating capsule was generated by FSL.
The same procedure was also repeated in right eye, although the protrusion was recurrent and replaced easily with manual manipulation.
Its unique technology enables easy manual manipulation of items, with air pressure as the power source.
TrulyHandsfree enables products to wakeup and respond when a phrase like "Alexa", "Hey Cortana" or "Okay Google" is called, with no button pressing or manual manipulation needed for initiating voice control.
Currently, exoskeletons are controlled by manual manipulation of a joystick to switch between the various elements of walking -- stand, start, stop, turn.
PDFs, images and paper documents are seamlessly converted into searchable PDFs, and editable file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice and more, reducing manual manipulation of text heavy hard copies and improving workflow.
I wanted to change that and bring in something new, exciting and different," said the facility's director Rashi Panjabi, adding that a combination of mechanics and manual manipulation provided the perfect answer.
With this new product offering in the US, the Vdrive Duo Robotic Navigation system can eliminate manual manipulation of the two most commonly repositioned diagnostic tools utilised during ablation procedures (variable loop and ICE catheters), enabling single user workflow and greater catheter stability, concluded the company.
Although with direct data link, a great majority of manual manipulation of the avionics will be eliminated.
Ultrasound identification of any of the following classical signs may suggest the diagnosis, both fetal head are at same place, unusual backward flexion of cervical spine, no change in position after changing maternal position or manual manipulation.

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