manual lymph drainage

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manual lymph drainage

the application of light rhythmic strokes, similar to those used in effleurage, to the skin and superficial fascia in the direction of the heart to increase the drainage of lymph from the involved structures.

man·u·al lymph drain·age

(MLD) (man'yū-ăl limf drān'ăj)
A massage technique intended to promote the absorption of interstitial fluid by stimulating flow in lymphatic channels.
Synonym(s): lymph drainage.

manual lymph drainage,

n a style of massage that stimulates circulation of lymph through the lymphatic system using light, rhythmic techniques.
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Part 3 provides detailed instructions of how to apply the manual lymph drainage techniques to individual regions of the body including special techniques and expanded sections for the treatment of secondary lymphedema of the arm and leg.
Other successful combination therapies include a schedule of manual lymph drainage, compression pumping, compression wrapping and exercise.
Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is a gentle massage technique comprising a series of strokes applied directly to the skin.
Decongestive physiotherapy comprising 45 min of manual lymph drainage plus another 45 min of intermittent pneumatic compression (30 Hgmm pressure) using Lympha Press PlusTM and multilayered compression bandaging was performed once daily for 5 days in an in-patient setting by a specialised physiotherapist (Szolnoky et al 2008).
After attending a class in January, Virden will expand her specialties to include manual lymph drainage, and, after she completes class work this month, she plans to offer neuromuscular therapy.
Complex decongestive physiotherapy includes manual lymph drainage, bandaging garments such as elastic wraps, and exercises.
However, lymphatic massage was seldom used until 1936 when Vodder developed specific massage techniques known as Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).