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Monitoring & Actualization of Noetic TRAining. A feasibility study which assessed the effect of noetic therapies—stress relaxation, imagery, touch therapy, and prayer—as adjuncts to percutaneous intervention during unstable coronary syndromes
Conclusions Of the noetic therapies, off-site intercessory prayer had the lowest short- and long-term absolute complication rates

(2) Mantra

A word/phrase used in yoga, meditation, and autosuggestive therapy, to facilitate mental immobilisation


A word, phrase, or sound repeated to oneself to focus the mind or reduce stray thoughts during meditation.

mantra (mänˑ·tr),

n “mind protection;” in Hinduism and Buddhism, a pure sound that is used in meditation and rituals.
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There is a need for extensive new Vedic study and research in India, including considering the mantric and yogic dimensions of Vedic knowledge," Frawley said on Monday while giving a presentation of his findings on ' Aryan Theory in The Light of Textual Evidences'.
The distinction between the two is gradient, as there also exist mantric traditions that emphasise the semantic content of the mantra and Pure Land traditions that emphasise the sound quality of whatever is repeated.
Goska repeats the words "that was ours," over and over again; the phrase is spoken with increasing volume and falls with a mantric thud.
That phrase possessed a mantric power in early French Canadian philosophy, as if part of a collective ontology.
The products have names such as the Mantric Dinky Ring and the ZingFinger (just use your imagination) and are all designed to "enhance lovemaking for couples".
The increasingly disquieting tone of The Cryptogram, with its focus on prescience, ghosts, and the unknown, lends extra suggestiveness to its almost mantric repetitions.
You know, there is too something about reading poetry that I like, and that is--and I hope this doesn't sound too strange--the mantric fact of reading poetry, letting the flow of the words be what they are in and of themselves.
Richie Havens - Grace of the Sun (Evangeline) The more senior readers of this review may remember the charismatic Mr Havens in the Woodstock film, all flowing robe, long fingernails and mantric exhortations of Freedom.
If the intrigue of the travel narrative is essentially the traveler's motive for his journey, the recurrent impulsion for the British travel writer has been to escape the claustrophobia of this crowded little island, a desire succinctly expressed in Chatwin's mantric formula: "I always wanted to go to Patagonia.
The mantric Krysytahnou do boje [The Rats are off to war] is based on a simple rhythm, unison shouting of the central slogan and off-key piping.
Are there mantric moments in having to take a taxi across town every day, or in using condoms at all times when you have sex because you don't know the name of the man you are about to have sex with, maybe for the first and last time?