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Monitoring & Actualization of Noetic TRAining. A feasibility study which assessed the effect of noetic therapies—stress relaxation, imagery, touch therapy, and prayer—as adjuncts to percutaneous intervention during unstable coronary syndromes
Conclusions Of the noetic therapies, off-site intercessory prayer had the lowest short- and long-term absolute complication rates

(2) Mantra

A word/phrase used in yoga, meditation, and autosuggestive therapy, to facilitate mental immobilisation


A word, phrase, or sound repeated to oneself to focus the mind or reduce stray thoughts during meditation.

mantra (mänˑ·tr),

n “mind protection;” in Hinduism and Buddhism, a pure sound that is used in meditation and rituals.
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Secondly, there is the miracle of the sound of Hopkins's words, the incantatory effect--what Craig O'Brien calls the mantric effect--they can have.
For instance, Keating has maintained that the western Christian intention of receptive listening to the Sacred Word is different from the eastern Hindu concentration involved during mantric prayer.
Bhaktivedanta, with whom he had recently publicly appeared at Ohio State University and whose "Conversations on Mantric Poetry" contains material on Poe.
Using the Descrizione appended to Vasari's Lives of 1568, Levey provides details of these temporary, disposable vistas created to further embellish Dei's mantric "Florentia bella.
Every mantric word has four levels: first, the sound; second, the meaning which is the ground for concentration; third, the idea which is the ground for meditation; and fourth, the spirit which is the root of it (Wood, 1962).
Valorize, reify, fractal, dialogic, ontology and epistemology are among the enchanted verbal inner circle; the mantric repetition of these sanctioned words acquires a kind of incantatory lyricism, even a (doubtless unintentional) musicality.
Within nsibidi, an Efik writing system, pictograms are mediatory signs with a mantric power and pulsation that indicate a realm beyond ordinary discourse (Asante 60).
The two other slogans that were to gain wide currency--"A house is a machine for living in" and "The plan is the generator"--are more precise in their meaning, but again their mantric repetition by others is invariably atmospheric and misses the more radical claims being made.
And presaging a pending engagement, human rights provide a mantric ideology commensurate with this 'universal' scale.
5) Finally, the whole issue of the forms of relationship between the mantras of these deities (not here studied) and their visualization: are these arbitrary, or are these interesting domains of meaning to be explored between the mantric and the visualized forms of the deities (particularly in light of tantric ideological assertions of connections between these two)?
The band toil away behind with a mantric riff that's very Faust and belies the year zero notion of punk.
We get home, he's as good as new after the voice tremor -- and I realize that we all need to insert those spiritual moments of complaint, those subconscious, gypsy screams, those mantric outcries, between correcting papers, making dinner, loving children, formulating a written report, composing e-mails and filling lunch boxes.