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Monitoring & Actualization of Noetic TRAining. A feasibility study which assessed the effect of noetic therapies—stress relaxation, imagery, touch therapy, and prayer—as adjuncts to percutaneous intervention during unstable coronary syndromes
Conclusions Of the noetic therapies, off-site intercessory prayer had the lowest short- and long-term absolute complication rates

(2) Mantra

A word/phrase used in yoga, meditation, and autosuggestive therapy, to facilitate mental immobilisation


A word, phrase, or sound repeated to oneself to focus the mind or reduce stray thoughts during meditation.

mantra (mänˑ·tr),

n “mind protection;” in Hinduism and Buddhism, a pure sound that is used in meditation and rituals.
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It is no coincidence that Martin Mantra enjoys "esa especial calidad del blanco y negro expresivo y expresionista de las peliculas de o con Orson Welles" (24; emphasis added).
Pero Mantra no es solo un conjunto de ocurrencias --la novela diccionario lo permite, y el ingenio de Fresan lo posibilita con creces en algunas entradas francamente geniales--, sino un fresco melodramatico de indiscutible y perturbador vigor literario.
A report in the British Medical Journal by experts from the University of Pavia claims the Ave Maria has a similar rhythm to mantras.
Throughout spiritual life, an aspirant repeats the mantra, or sacred name of one's Chosen Ideal, and, in so doing, it permeates the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious layers of the mind.
An alteration in its rhetoric, perhaps by starting to espouse a "sound dollar" or offer a studious "no comment" when queried about the currency, can help push the foreign exchanges in the needed direction in light of their sensitivity to any change in the "strong dollar" mantra.
Mantra Online will initially launch its services to corporate and individual customers in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai before adding a further 27 cities throughout India.
These various practices, when used in various combinations and with other practices such as mantra (repetition of sound) and yantra (observation of verbal images) make hatha yoga one route to a spiritual path.
A tough competition brewed between the 4 finalists as Swarn Soft, Deal Kya Hai, AVS Realty and Media Mantra provided a level fight till the end.
The ACCC has today announced that it will not oppose the proposed acquisition of Mantra Group Limited (Mantra) by AAPC Limited (Accor).
2 billion acquisition of Mantra Group, stating that they will not oppose the takeover.
According to reports, the beads will automatically keep track of how many times a user recites a mantra, by counting the number of times the beads pass through a user's fingers.