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"We are exploring the possibility of sending people with some skills in areas wherever there is manpower shortage. That is not limited to just Far East of Russia.
"We expect that increasing the number of training places will alleviate the manpower shortage of healthcare staff in the medium to long term."
Improvements not on a par with huge fund allocations, manpower shortage and alleged neglect of duty by a section of the staffers, recruitment on political considerations, lack of renovation of rails and rail-bridges are seen among the major constraints restricting optimum improvements in service in the popular mass-transport sector.
They said due to manpower shortage, customers were referred to private operators who charged exorbitant fees.
Mian Kashif said FIEDMC would also build a modern technical education college in Allama Iqbal Industrial City in a bid to impart youths with market-oriented education to fight unemployment and meet the requirements of skilled manpower shortage being confronted by the upcoming industrial and commercial units in the vicinity.
Despite the manpower shortage, Aquino said he remained confident that the number of villages still considered to be drug infested will be drug-free by the end of Duterte's term in 2022.
The posts are being filled to meet manpower shortage in different divisions besides setting up law and order division that will be responsible for handling public demonstrations and protection of foreigners, particularly Chinese nationals.
Currently, there are 12 non-locally trained doctors working in public hospitals under limited registration to relieve manpower shortage and workload pressure of frontline doctors in the specialties of anaesthesia, cardiothoracic surgery, emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine and radiology.
Earlier, the labor department slowed down the deployment of construction workers overseas due to the manpower shortage in the local construction industry.
to help address a temporary manpower shortage, CNA reports.
"Construction workers are badly needed here in our country that's why we are slowing down the deployment to address the manpower shortage in the local construction industry and support implementation of the president's infrastructure programme," Bello said.
GULF Air pilots are being recalled from mandatory leave to solve a manpower shortage, which has resulted in the cancellation of several flights this week, sources told the GDN.

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