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A group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of terminal, nonreducing d-mannose residues of mannosides (particularly in glycoproteins and glycolipids); α-mannosidases act on α-d-mannosides whereas β-mannosidases act on β-d-mannosides; a deficiency of α-mannosidases is associated with mannosidosis.
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(2011) A complex of Pdi1p and the mannosidase Htm1p initiates clearance of unfolded glycoproteins from the endoplasmic reticulum.
In humans, the N-linked glycans are processed by Golgi-resident mannosidase IA, IB, and IC, which have different hydrolytic patterns but all generate [Man.sub.5]GlcN[Ac.sub.2].
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Although in this case most of the mannosidase recovered (88%) was readily soluble with little extra enzyme activity (12%) released on triton treatment.
Swainsonine is an inhibitor of lysosomal a-mannosidase, Golgi mannosidase II and other calystegines that are potent glycosidase inhibitors, and it is suggested that these inhibitors disrupt intestinal glycosidases, lysosomal function, and glycoprotein processing, leading to enzymatic dysfunction and accumulation of complex oligosaccharides in the lysosomes of nervous and epithelial cells (COLEGATE et al., 1979; DORLING et al., 1980; STEGELMEIER et al., 2008).