Yeast cell wall components that are proteins with large numbers of mannose groups attached; highly antigenic.
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Some yeast species and their components, such as P-glucans and mannoproteins, can stimulate the immune systems and are used as antioxidants by the host.
Later, the yeasts release mannoproteins that affect some aroma precursors (4, 6, 13) when they die and also during the aging time on lees.
Regarding the interference of wine components such as tartaric acid, ethanol, fructose and mannoproteins, a recent study showed that they affect both sensory perception of astringency and SPI, and this effect depends on wine phenolics.
The (1 [right arrow] 6)-[beta]-D-glucan acts as a linker between (1 [right arrow] 3)-[beta]-D-glucan, chitin and the mannoproteins, and stabilizes the whole structure making the yeast cell wall insoluble [1].
Use of yeast cell walls; [beta]-1,3/1,6-glucans; and mannoproteins in broiler chicken diets.
Effect of using mannoproteins and antibiotics as growth promoters in diets for weaned piglets on performance
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albicans (1,3-[beta]-glucan, 1,6-[beta]-glucan, chitin, and mannoproteins) [31].
Soluble Cryptococcus neoformans mannoproteins (MP) are promising vaccine candidates due to their ability to induces delayed-type hypersensitivity and Th1 cytokines.
(19) There are outer fibrils made up of mannoproteins, underlying which is a dense layer of 0-and N-linked mannans covalently bonded to proteins.
The outer layer of the cell wall of Candida species consists of mannoproteins containing O-glycosylated oligosaccharide and N-glycosylated polysaccharide moieties.
Early induction of interleukin-12 by human monocytes exposed to Cryptococcus neoformans mannoproteins. Infection and Immunity, v.