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tr.v. manipu·lated, manipu·lating, manipu·lates
1. To move, arrange, operate, or control by the hands or another body part or by mechanical means, especially in a skillful manner: She manipulated the lights to get just the effect she wanted.
2. To influence or manage shrewdly or deviously: He manipulated public opinion in his favor.
3. To tamper with or falsify for personal gain: tried to manipulate stock prices.
4. Medicine To handle and move in an examination or for therapeutic purposes: manipulate a joint; manipulate the position of a fetus during delivery.

ma·nip′u·lat′a·ble adj.
ma·nip′u·la′tor n.
ma·nip′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.

Patient discussion about manipulate

Q. Do you want to learn how we got manipulated by some? I noticed an educational video about Asthma here on this site. I hope it helps. Listen to it and read my answer about it. Thank you for your patience. Does it help you to understand?

A. If you find another video or a text and you are not sure about the content, tell me about it and I will study it and present it here to help you understand with the community. In the moment that you start to listen and read between the lines you will got a kick, but a healthy one. We are here to help you and when I can also teach you this way and it helps you, I will do my best.

I am the topic-manager for "bipolar disorder", "depression" and new for "diabetes" too.

Read my answers with two critical eyes, test me, check me, check it out, to become a professional tester and checker in health and other themes. I check always first my doctors before I keep them. But then the distance is for me irrelevant, because such a good doctor is for me very precious!

Q. Do you want to learn how we got manipulated by some? I noticed an educational video about Asthma. I hope it helps. Listen to eat and read my answer about it. Thank you for your patience.

A. Listen to what the man tells you right at the beginning of this video. "You are not alone... learning to CONTROL the SYMPTOMS of asthma and COPD... therefore more can be done to help you MANAGE YOUR SYMPTOMS and live a fuller life...". Do you hear what they say to you? Do they talk about curing you from Asthma? NO, they tell you to keep your symptoms and to learn to live with it. Are they interested that you get rid of your Asthma? NO, they just want you to keep it that way, but some shity drugs should keep you asthmatic, so that they can earn money with you... Listen exactly to what people tells you. Learn with this simple example the subtle way they pretend to help you, but they are absolutely not interested to cure you! Do you see the problem which is around us with such hypocrites/pretenders? I am grateful for this good bad example. Asthma can be cured, but you should not know about it. Please learn to understand. I thank you for your attention.

Q. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not... President Abraham Lincoln said: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

A. By the way, Abraham Lincoln had Sanpaku eyes. Other persons with this different eyes were Marylin Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Herbert von Karajan, Bette Davis, Michael Chaplin, Willy Brandt, Harry Belafonte, Natalie Wood, Günter Grass, Vincent L. Broderick, Joe Curran, Mark A. Fein, Charles E. Wright and many others like lixurion999.

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People will be able to manipulate video stored in their TVs, assemble their own versions of shows, and send them to friends," says Andrew Lippman of the MIT Media Lab.
The revolutionary interface allows the user to select, load, manipulate and mix software instruments in one single graphical environment.
One man, Alfred Taahi, appears to lead and manipulate the group, drawing its members together or separating them, except for Vernon, who does her own manipulating.
By showing the inept attempts of human beings--be they lawyers or judges, philosophers or rhetoricians--to manipulate language to their own ends, Perlman makes such enterprises seem absurd though no less insidious.
The patent's claims cover methods and apparatuses to track and manipulate address resolution traffic to enforce authentication checks prior to allowing access to a local network segment, and to quarantine endpoints that fail the checks.
And, as it turns out, fragrance is a genetically complex trait that's difficult to manipulate by ordinary breeding methods.
Being subjective self-assessment tests, they proved to be too easy for job applicants to manipulate in order to win the job.
Researchers are striving to use quantum physics to store, manipulate, and transmit data to someday create extraordinarily powerful and secure computer networks.
District Court in Los Angeles, alleging that the brokerage firm didn't do enough to keep a former Stan Lee Media leader and his brother, a Merrill Lynch financial consultant, from running an alleged scheme to manipulate the price of the company's stock.
NPRA would like especially to emphasize the FTC's finding that there is "(N)o evidence to suggest that refinery expansion decisions over the past twenty years resulted from either unilateral or uncoordinated attempts to manipulate prices.
In technologies ranging from compact disc players to the Internet, circuits that manipulate electrons operate alongside those that manipulate photons.