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Denoting the divalent cation of manganese, Mn2+.
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After that stirring and cooling to room temperature, 0.01mol of manganous chloride aqueous solution was slowly added dropwise to the vessel of the mixture with stirring.
Leeper GW, Swaby RJ (1940) The oxidation of manganous compounds by microorganisms in the soil.
* Products are oil, garlic, presented as patties; vitamin E the chicken variety is supplement, zinc also available in a oxide, manganous "nugget" form.
The general treatment process for iron and manganese removal is basically achieved by aeration or adding oxidizing chemical compounds into water to convert the dissolved ferrous iron and manganous manganese to an insoluble form of ferric iron and manganic manganese, followed by filtering.
The level of manganese in the effluent during the dry weather period was higher than that of it influent; this may be due to the anaerobic conditions which occur in the wetland resulting in the decrease in the redox potential transforming manganese from manganic to manganous compounds at about 225mV [2].
In addition, previous studies documented that the water-soluble Mn in the flooded soil solutions is largely manganous manganese (Gotoh and Patrick 1972; Schwab and Lindsay 1983).
Phosphorus (%) 0.42 0.42 Fat (%) 3.471 4.716 Fiber (%) 2.234 3.767 Determined Analysis (%) Crude Protein 20 17.4 Lysine 1.11 1.01 Supplied per kilogram of diet: vitamin A, 8,800 IU (retinyl palmitate); vitamin [D.sub.3], 3,300 IU; vitamin E, 40 IU (dl-[alpha]-tocopheryl acetate); riboflavin, 8.0 mg; biotin, 0.22 mg; thiamin, 4 mg; pantothenic acid, 15.0 mg; vitamin [B.sub.12], 12 [micro]g; niacin, 50 mg; choline, 600 mg; vitamin K, 3.3 mg; folic acid, 1.0 mg; ethoxyquin, 120 mg; manganese, 70 mg as manganous oxide 60%; zinc, 70 mg as zinc oxide 72%; copper, 10 mg as copper sulphate 25%; iron, 60 mg as ferrous sulphate 30%; iodine, 1 mg, and selenium, 0.3 mg.
Ingredients in Co-op Whitetail Deer Mineral were: dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride (salt), calcium carbonate, molasses products, sodium sclcnite, mineral oil, natural and/or artificial flavors, magnesium oxide, manganous oxide, manganese sulfate, zinc oxide, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, ethylenediaminc dihydriodide, calcium iodate, cobalt carbonate, vitamin A acetate, vitamin D-3 supplement, and vitamin E supplement.
Manganese exists as manganate ([Mn.sup.4+]) and manganous ([Mn.sup.2+]) ion.
(b) The mineral and vitamin mixture contained the following (g/kg of mix): calcium diphosphate, 2.00; magnesium chloride, 2.00; potassium phosphate, 7.00; magnesium sulfate, 1.1; manganous sulfate, 0.166; ferric lactate, 152.2; zinc sulfate, 0.06; cupric sulfate 5[H.sub.2]O, 0.021; potassium iodate, 0.0026; sodium selenite.
Chemicals (manganous sulfate, alkaline iodine azide, and sulfuric acid) were used to preserve the water for the dissolved oxygen tests.
Mineral mixture AIN 76 [a] A B C Calcium phosphate dibasic 500 Sodium phosphate dibasic 225 Sodium phosphate monobasic 29 225 Calcium chloride 235 31 240 Sodium chloride 74 164 81 Diatomaceous earth 351 587 265 Other mineral components 426 189 [b] 189 [b] 189 [b] Mineral mixture D Calcium phosphate dibasic Sodium phosphate dibasic Sodium phosphate monobasic 338 Calcium chloride 360 Sodium chloride 33 Diatomaceous earth 80 Other mineral components 189 [b] (a)Mineral mixture AIN 76 composition (g/kg): calcium phosphate diabasic (500.0), chromium potassium sulfate (0.55), manganous sulfate (3.5), potassium citrate monohydrate (220.0), potassium iodate (0.01), potassium sulfate (52.0), sodium chloride (74.0), sodium selenite (0.01), sucrose (118.0), zinc carbonate (1.6).