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Her novel study of infant-touching etiquette in the vervets and mangabeys adds them to the short list of animals known to have "markets" for baby fondling: Moms must be groomed for a sufficient time before they let the groomer touch the baby.
Isolation of an HTLV-III-related retro virus from macaques with simian AIDS and its possible origin in asymptomatic mangabeys. Nature 321(6068):435-437, 1986.
The golden-bellied mangabey (Cercocebus chrysogaster) is absent in the northern SNP and north of the southern sector, occurring only in regions south of the Lokolo River (Inogwabini and Thompson in preparation).
The monkey, however, may not be a mangabey after all.
[10] HIV-l now turns out to have come to us from chimpanzees; [11] HIV-2 appears to have been transmitted to us by sooty mangabey monkeys.
A white crowned mangabey (Cercocebus torquatus lunulatus) was also found to be infected with a virus closely related to [SIV.sub.AGM] from vervet monkeys (9), but this transmission most likely occurred in captivity (2).
Eliot's strange creatures, "the Kinkajou" and "the mangabey" make a mango grove their home.
The area is also home to two rare and endangered primate species, the Crested Mangabey and the Red Colobus.
'Three more species are expected to be classified as Critically Endangered once assessed - the white-naped Mangabey Cercocebus, lunulatus, the Afia Birago Puddle Frog Phrynobatrachus afia birago, and the plant Monanthotaxis atewensis,' it added.
* Disseminated Mycobacterium tubercu/osis in Imported Sooty Mangabey, Thailand