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Common name for a species of monkey of the genus Cynocephalus, with a short tail and doglike head.
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Mandrills are found in southern Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Congo and mostly live in tropical rainforests.
Summary: Zoo resident mandrill Dora, gave birth to a baby boy on February 3 making the furry monkey the newest member of the zoo's primate family.
Abu Dhabi: The Emirates Park Zoo and Resort has launched a social media competition to give residents a chance to name a baby mandrill.
Mandrills under human care can live up to 31 years, outliving their counterparts in the wild who have a life-span of 25 years.
Tennessee: Certain primates banned: gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, gibbons, siamangs, mandrills, baboons.
Dr Knapp, from the department of biological anthropology, said: "Our results strongly suggest that smell allows mandrills to transmit information about their own genetic quality and similarity to one another.
They have found evidence that a female (mandrill) monkey sniffs out a mate with different genes - and they think that we might be wired the same way.
Mandrill monkey; Red worked for our rugby heroes in the Six Nations (main picture) but will it help Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard to Champions League glory tonight
Or that mandrills have red bums to help them follow one another through the forest?
The endangered animals discovered were leopards, chimps, gorillas, bonobo monkeys, mandrills, drills, the beautiful diana monkey and the Jentink's duiker antelope of which there are only a few hundred left.
Yet adult mandrills, which possess fewer genetic similarities to baboons than mangabeys do, have an extended muzzle and a relatively large brain case that gives them a baboonlike look.
Upon arrival, mandrills on the AGV extend to receive the transfer of six packages simultaneously.